A custody battle may be brewing for a tortoise being housed at the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

We told you Thursday about the African tortoise that was found roaming streets on Sardis Church Road. A DNR ranger took the African Sulcata tortoise to the museum

They named him "Tank," but apparently, that may not be his name.

13WMAZ went to the museum Friday morning where a family claiming to be the owners came to reunite with their pet, who they say is named "Speedy Gonzalez Rodriguez."

Patrick Hilton spoke with the museum's animal curator who refused to return the tortoise saying she is on vacation until next week.

"I don't know what to call him at this point. They keep calling him Tank, but his real name is Speedy Gonzalez," Hilton said.

The tortoise was a Christmas gift to Hilton's daughter, Katherine Hilton, who is getting married soon, according to the family. They bought the tortoise at Mrs.Toad's Depot in Perry.

The family says they were not alarmed when they didn't see the tortoise for a few days because he burrows in the yard.

They plan to return to the museum to pick up the tortoise on Tuesday.