Sergeant Christopher Monica was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon. He died one week ago. Two escaped inmates are accused of shooting and killing Officer Monica and Officer Curtis Billue.

Law enforcement from around the state and beyond came to pay their respects.

Monica was buried at Heritage Memorial Park.

Flags lined the road to his final resting place while friends and law enforcement surrounded the family at the graveside.

Before his burial, hundreds of people filed into First Methodist Church in Milledgeville to hear people reflect on the life Chris Monica lived.

Music from the bagpipes filled the church in Milledgeville Tuesday to honor Sergeant Christopher Monica.

Several people took to the podium at Tuesday's funeral to comfort Sergeant Monica's family, including the Department of Corrections' Commissioner Greg Dozier.

"We love you. We loved Chris and we love you guys, and I pray that over the next few weeks, we'll show that love to you, and if you need something, you'll ask," said Dozier.

Others like Warden Cedric Taylor shared memories of Monica that made many people smile.

"One thing about Sergeant Monica you have to know is that he's a big eater. My manager said she'd never seen him move as fast unless he was going to get a piece of chicken from somewhere. She had never seen him move as fast as he moved that night when they said we're done and he was trying to get home to his wife and family," said Taylor.

His niece, Brooke Lawson, talked about Monica's love for his family and how sorely he will be missed.

"We will miss his selflessness, his smiles, and his kisses, but we will never forget. God has filled out lives, our hearts, and our minds with so much joy because of Chris, and I am grateful that I get to pass those memories on to people and allow them to live in everybody else's hearts, too," Lawson said, memories of Sergeant Monica they say will live on.

Several items were presented to Sergeant Monica's family, including a framed picture of him and the lyrics to a family song.