With bowed heads and clasped hands, friends and family gathered to remember Eurie Martin at a candlelight vigil.

“He made me laugh every day,” Martin's stepson, Antonio Evans, said. “It don’t matter if we had ups or downs, we always enjoyed it, my mom and Eurie, together every day.”

His mother, Zera Evans, and Martin lived together for 28 years.

“He was always there for us when we needed stuff,” Evans said. “When we didn’t have anything and couldn’t call on anyone, he was always there for us.”

Last Friday, Washington County deputies Tased Martin multiple times as they attempted to get him into custody. The deputies were responding to a suspicious person call.

“I don’t think no man deserves that, not even an animal,” Evans said. “Being Tased like that for no reason, you know he didn’t do nothing to nobody, just minding his own business.”

Evans says that his stepfather suffered from schizophrenia.

“Some can’t speak for themselves,” Evans said. “They got disorders, it could have been treated a whole lot better than the way he was treated.”

Evans says his family will move forward one day at a time in hopes of one day being at peace.