Hudson Heights is a neighborhood in Warner Robins that some people say used to feel safe until about five years ago.

"You do hear, like I said, gunfire," Rabia Cekil said.

Some residents say they hear gunshots and fighting outside often.

"I heard it four mornings in a row last week, and then I've heard it two or three nights in the past week," Shaunya Fraysher said.

Warner Robins Police say shots heard Sunday night were fatal. They say 31-year-old Willie Huff died Sunday, after being shot several times. Huff was found outside of his home on Ruth Court, near his car, around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night.

Huff's sister-in-law, Amber Nelson, says Huff doesn't have any enemies, and she doesn't know who would want to murder him.

"He gets along with everybody, and he's never in the streets," Nelson said. "He's a homebody."

Nelson says her brother-in-law was a loving husband and father of five. Huff's sister, Brenda Cardenas, says, whoever did do this, had a personal motive, and shot her brother multiple times.

"One time, okay," Cardenas said. "But four times, no. So whoever did this, they intentionally did it."

Police say Huff's murder is still under investigation

Willie "Joe" Huff's family says they hope justice is served.

"God, I pray that they find this person that did this because he didn't deserve this," Nelson said. "He did not deserve this at all. I pray."

Anyone with information on this case can contact Detective Justin Clark at 478-302-5380.