Police, family, and friends are still searching for 18-year-old Samuel Poss, a Perry teenager who went missing early Saturday morning.

Samuel's father, Christian Poss, says the last time anyone saw his son, he was leaving a friend's house nearby on Tucker Road.

"Friday night around midnight, his friend had asked him to come over and fix his computer," Christian Poss says.

Christian says Samuel's friend said his son left the house around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

"Sam fixed the computer and then said, 'You know, it's not a long walk. I'll just walk home,'" Christian Poss says.

According to Perry Police Major William Phelps, in the police report that the family filed on Sunday it was noted that Sam did not have on shoes.

"It was strange, but according to the report he didn't have any shoes on. He did not want to ride home. He wanted to walk," says Phelps.

The walk home through the woods, Christian says, is a half-mile route that his son often took. Search parties have been looking for Sam along the route, in between Samuel's house on Frank Satterfield Road and his friend's house on Tucker Road.

Christian Poss says the family became worried when Samuel didn't show up for their planned trip to the fair on Saturday.

Samuel's brother, Logan Poss, says the family discovered Samuel's cell phone in the house and it has been handed over to police.

"He would never worry his dad or me ever, and he always keeps in touch with us to let us know where he is, so this is totally unlike him," Nicole Poss says.

Sam Poss (middle) has been missing since Saturday.

Nicole says her son didn't have any health problems.

"There's no depression, he didn't have any problems with anybody, we've talked to all of his friends, and they don't know anything," Nicole Poss says.

The family says Samuel was last seen wearing a grey long sleeve shirt and grey shorts. He's 5'8, 140 pounds, has brown curly hair, and brown eyes.

"It's very like him to go out without his phone or his shoes but he would always let somebody know. There weren't any issues that would cause him to run away. But's it's just not like him to just be gone," says Logan Poss.

Phelps says a woman called the Perry Police Department Monday and said she may have spotted Poss near Lake Joy Road and Highway 96.

"She said she saw two younger men walking together and one of them did not have shoes on. When she heard about the case she decided that it would be best to report it," says Phelps.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Samuel Poss, you can call the Perry Police Department at 478-988-2824.