A plane crashed in Telfair County, killing 44-year-old John Kyle Barron, according to Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson.

Gabrielle Dawkins sat down with Barron's family as they shared their lasting memories.

“The last thing he told me was good night, and I love you,” said Kole Barron. “He was a good man.”

Kole Barron's father was killed in a plane crash early Wednesday morning about a quarter of a mile away from highway 117.

“They said he was unresponsive, and I just fell to the ground in tears; it was horrible,” says Barron.

Telfair County Sheriff, Chris Steverson, believes the plane crashed between 6:15 and 6:30 Wednesday morning, moments after take-off.

“The plane was destroyed completely,” says Steverson.

His family says that he took lessons three to four times a week for about nine months.

Brandi Williams, Barron's sister, says she is going to miss her older brother.

“I didn't really want people to watch the news and see a plane crash," Williams said. "I want them to know that there was a man behind the crash."

People in the community say Barron would help anyone in need.

“He's a legend. There's nobody that loved harder or work harder than he did. Kyle would do anything for anybody. If you couldn't buy it to make it happen, he would build it.” Barron said.

“He's a go-getter and he'll make things happen especially for people he loved.”

As for Barron, the memories that he will cherish is his father’s go getter attitude.

"You can do anything,” says Barron. “You just have to do it.”

He leaves behind a wife, two daughters and a 16-year-old son.

Barron's body is going to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.