It's been a little over a week since Kadeem Simon was found shot to death in a Milledgeville apartment. Last Monday, Baldwin County Sheriff's Investigators were trying to piece together what happened Saturday February 25th.

That's when Kadeem Simon was found shot dead in a unit at Cedar Ridge Apartments in Milledgeville.

Almost a week after his death, March 3rd, warrants show investigators arrested Levia Pace for his murder.

"We were actually at the funeral when somebody, they had their phone and were like look at this," friend Rickey Lawrence said. "That's when I first saw it and, you know, I was elated. I was happy, you know what I mean?"

Rickey Lawrence and Marcus Vann were Simon's best friends. They say they weren't aware that Simon and Pace were even in contact.

Simon's family says he and Pace were involved in a secret intimate relationship, but to their knowledge, that had ended more than two years ago. So they say when they found out that Pace was charged with his murder, it came as a complete surprise.

"To be her, it was kind of confusing," Vann said. "It just makes more questions than answers."

Pace, a corrections officer at Baldwin State Prison, is now being held without bond at the Baldwin County jail.

Investigators say at this time they can't release information about what changed in the investigation between last Monday and Friday that warranted the arrest.

For now, they say they're continuing to work to figure out why Kadeem Simon was murdered, while his family continues to pray for justice.

"You took away an important person in a lot of peoples' lives," Vann said. "I just hope she does not get away with it."

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office asks anyone with information to call them at 478-445-4893.