More than 16 million people have watched a five-minute cell phone video that captured the moment strangers saved a little girl and her baby brother.

The video was taken in Canton, Texas after tornadoes and severe weather hit the area Saturday night. While many people have seen it, Emily Ocheltree still can't watch the whole thing. Her husband Phillip has, but she's still waiting.

"Maybe in a few days I'll warm up to it," she said.

They were trying to find a storm shelter Saturday in between rounds of severe weather in East Texas when their truck was washed off the road and flipped over.

"It was just black. We couldn't see anything, and I was just trying to find my babies," Phillip said.

Phillip was driving. He and his wife frantically tried to free their 4-month-old son Marshal and their 18-month-old daughter Addyson, "Addy" for short.

What they didn't know was outside the truck a group of strangers had gathered and were working to get the windows open and save the people inside.

"I just told them to get my babies, I'll find a way out," Emily said.

Once the children were pulled from the cab, two men immediately started performing CPR. One of those men was Jaime Martinez, a former firefighter in Guatemala. He now works as a musician in North Texas, but never forgot his CPR training.

"It just kicks in," Martinez said.

Both children were taken to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, the only pediatric level 1 trauma center in North Texas. On Monday, 4-month-old Marshal was released. His sister Addy is still being treated, but is in stable condition.

"I just want to hug those people who helped us," Emily said.

Emily got the chance to hug Jaime Martinez, who surprised them. The Ocheltrees embraced the stranger, thanking him between tears for helping their children.

"I'm just happy they're okay," Martinez said.

The family and the stranger-turned-friend have a lot to talk about. And they look forward to forming new bonds as they and the city of Canton heal from the storm.