As the Georgia Bulldogs blaze a trail all the way to the National Championship, one father and son have been following along for the ride.

Nicole Butler met up with Jeff Langford and his 9-year-old son, Alan, who have gone to every game this season.

With less than a week to go before the national championship, Langford and his son Alan are getting pumped up!

"He's a big enough football fan that he wants to watch the game so he sits there for four hours and sends me to get the popcorn," Langford says.

The boys haven't missed a game all year!

Red-and-black flows through their blood, following the team from Athens to Pasadena, showing up early -- I'm talking hours early -- not wanting to miss a moment.

"He said as a younger child it's to get his mind right. It's all business, there's no play when it comes to Georgia games," mother, Sudie Langford laughs.

Alan's even a little superstitious.

"I wore my lucky socks all through the season except for Auburn, and then we lost to Auburn, and then I wore them the rest of the season. I wore them and we won," Alan says.

But it isn't the 13-1 season Langston says he will treasure forever, it's the quality time with his son!

"We realized that we're going to blink and he's going to be too busy on Saturdays. We're going to blink again and he's going to be too cool to hang out with us, so, yeah, it was important that we struck while the iron was hot, and boy, did it end up being hot from a football standpoint, too," Langford says.

Langford says their passion for football has made their bond even stronger.

"I kind of looked at it as a framework to spend more time with my son. We talked about being a good winner and being a good loser, and I think he's kinda, that can be very rewarding on the field and hopefully in life," he says.

So no matter the outcome on Monday, Langford says with this experience his family has already won.

Alan says they already have tickets for the National Championship and can't wait to see his role model, Jake Fromm, lead the team to victory.