HOUSTON - Being a father to ten kids isn't easy, especially when you find out one of your boys is sick.

"It was a shock to us, we thought he would never have to do it," said David Lipscomb.

After years of living a normal life with his sole remaining kidney, David's 14-year-old son Gage's kidney disease dramatically worsened. He needed a new one and fast.

"He really, really wanted to," said Gage Lipscomb.

Gage's dad did what any dad would do.

"He volunteered," said Gage.

He stepped up to save his son.

"As a parent you're called to take care of your kids," said David.

So last Wednesday, surgeons at St. Luke's removed the 57-year-old father's left kidney, while Gage was wheeled into surgery at Texas Children's Hospital.

Dad's kidney was rushed over to Texas Children's so surgeons could perform Gage's lifesaving transplant.

"I was just worried about him," said David. "I wanted to make sure he was going to be alright."

Surgeon Dr. Christine O'Mahony and her team at Texas Children's worked on Gage for more than six hours while the Lipscomb family waited for news.

Both surgeries went flawlessly and two days later, Dad got to see his son again.

Gage Lipscomb, 14, with his father, David Lipscomb, 57, at Texas Children's Hospital after the successful kidney transplant.  

"When I rolled into that room, he gave me a thumbs up, and I held his hand," said David. "That minute you know he's alright."

And now on this Father's Day, David is already out of the hospital, but by his son's side.

"We had a really good relationship before," said Gage. "Now this should make it together through everything."

Gage's recovery should take a few more days, but his doctors say he should lead a normal life. And Gage knows he owes that to his dad.

"I'm glad that you're my dad," said Gage.

Both admit it's been an unusual Father's Day, but one they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

"I got to see that boy come out of surgery and tell him he's alright, what better gift than that, there's nothing better," said David.