Law enforcement officers from all across the country are in Milledgeville joining family and friends of Georgia Department of Corrections officer Sgt. Christopher Monica as they prepare for a final farewell.

“We need the family to know not only Georgia has their back, but the whole United States has their back,” said Lt. Donald Genwright with the Correctional Peace Officer’s Foundation Honor Guard.

He traveled hundreds of miles from Texas to attend Monica's visitation Monday night.

“Everyone has their back, it’s a tough time, their loved one is gone,” Genwright said.

Monica was killed last week when he and another correctional officer, Curtis Billue, were transporting inmates from Baldwin State Prison.

“The law enforcement community is a very tight knit community,” John Hulse said. “When one falls, we all feel the pain, so whether it’s here, or Dallas, or New Jersey, or anywhere…we feel it.”

Hulse is the special project coordinator for The New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association.

He says the group travels across the country to support fallen officers.

In Milledgeville, they provided food for people attending the visitation.

He hopes their presence brings a little comfort to the Monica family.

“It definitely takes its toll and we feel the pain like everybody does,” Hulse said. “There’s such a great sense of honor in doing what we’re doing to help them through their tough time.”

With a black stripe over their badges they stand in solidarity for their fallen brother, killed in the line of duty.