Many Georgians lives were changed last month when dozens of tornadoes swept the state. FEMA has been continuing to help victims throughout Georgia who are still trying to recover.

However, this Saturday, February 18th, the disaster recovery center in Crisp County will close at 5 p.m. While open, FEMA says it has has already helped 60 people in the county.

Shady Lane Mobile Home Park was one of the hard-hit areas in Cordele. That's where a tree came crashing into Mary Arnold's home.

The tree came through the ceiling and into her daughter Delita's bedroom.

"And the only thing I could scream was, 'Get my baby, get my baby.' [Her father] was steady trying to pull her. The tree was down, and he only had this much space that he had to try and pull her through," Arnold says.

As her father tried to get her out, more of the ceiling collapsed.

Delita is blind. Not knowing what was going on, she was trapped.

"The tree had a little split in it. Some of the limbs were this side some of it was here with the tree. That little corner that she was in, it was open. I mean, just like God was covering her," Arnold says.

Paramedics told Arnold if her daughter had moved just inches before the impact, she would've died.

Arnold recalls the moment, "[the tree] was so close to her back that she had scratches on her back."

Soon after FEMA arrived at Arnold's home, they got to work trying to put her life back together.

After inspecting the house, the damage came to about $9,000, and FEMA was able to help her with $5,000.

Arnold says anyone who still needs help should use the center before it closes. She says FEMA made this difficult time a little easier.

"Because they take so much of the pressure off of you. Pick up the phone, call, go to them if they have a center. That will save them so much of the phone call for this and the phone call to do that, because they are there for us," she says.

FEMA wants to remind those who were affected that they are a phone call, mouse click, or app away.

You can reach them at 1-800-621-3362, or their website by clicking here.

The first step is registering, and the deadline for that is March 27th.