The Federal Emergency Management Agency hosted a job fair Friday in Warner Robins, looking to recruit workers for the Hurricane Irma disaster recovery.

FEMA have 18 jobs they are looking to fill, and most of them will be reviewing the damage on public properties throughout the county.

Herb Doering, a regional HR manager for FEMA, says they've had almost 200 people come in to interview, far more than expected.

He says these are temporary positions, but they're excited to work with people who are a part of the community.

"It gives them the opportunity for employment and, certainly, they are aware of the community and the areas and some of the people in the community to have contacts for us, and also, it can provide in some cases a stepping stone to become employees with us," said Doering.

Doering says these temporary jobs are generally 120 days but can be extended to up to a year.

He says they expect to be out in Warner Robins until mid-summer reviewing the damage Irma created.

If you didn't make it out to the job fair, you can also apply on the Georgia Department of Labor's website.