FEMA and the Georgia Department of Labor are holding a job fair this week with the intention of hiring Central Georgians for temporary disaster recovery work.

According to a news release, it will be this Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Department of Labor’s Warner Robins Career Center on 96 Cohen Walker Dr.

The release says FEMA plans on hiring local residents on a temporary basis to help people recovering from the storm and to add to disaster operation staffing.

The term of employment is around four months, although it could be less than four months or up to one year.

The jobs pay between $16-41 an hour and there is an opportunity for long-term employment with state and federal EMA.

Employees would work in Warner Robins, however that does not mean you’d have to live in Warner Robins if you intend on applying.

They ask that you bring at least one copy of your resume and two forms of ID. You should be prepared to complete a full application, have a job interview and undergo a pre-hiring background check.

The positions they are looking to fill are:

  • Public Assistance Site Inspectors (Job ID 1753885278)
  • Environmental Consultant (Job ID 1672774362)
  • Historic Site Administrator (Job ID 1670788660)
  • Hazard Mitigation Engineer and Architect Specialist (Job ID 1753977948)
  • Hazard Mitigation 406 Specialist (Job ID 1753885278)
  • Logistic Specialist (Job ID 1786744006)

For a full list of positions around the state, click here.