It was a pink week for Macon during the 35th International Cherry Blossom Festival.

But, as it wrapped up on Sunday, Jacob Reynolds asked festival-goers what they thought of this year's blossom bonanza.

The Pinkest Party in Macon had to end sometime.  

Veronica Jones is a frequent visitor of the Cherry Blossom Festival and said this year was pretty good, but she and her husband were missing something.

“We just left Cherry Street, it was beautiful, we bought some jewelry, some popcorn of course, had some food, now we're down here and we miss the car show. There's not a car show this year so my husband really enjoys the car show,” said Jones.

Stephanie Henderson missed it too.

“Yeah- Well actually for my son, he used to love it,” said Henderson.

Henderson's been coming to the festival for 30 years and does have a favorite activity.

“Well I always come for the turkey legs and they were excellent this year as you can see I have one. The rides, letting us in between 12 and one for free, that's always a plus,” she said, with turkey leg in hand.

And this year? She considers a success.

“Because, it's a lot of people coming out, a lot of people from different places are coming out and I think it's good for our community and getting revenue coming in,” said Henderson.

Now, she'll have to wait for next year when Macon officially blooms pink for the 36th time.