Centerville police say they are investigating a fight at the Centerville Galleria Mall food court. The department says Tuesday night, a woman was cut with a weapon after a group of people started fighting in the food court.

For two years, Chakaela Turner says she has sold products like oil at the Scent Bar at the mall.

“I’m constantly looking just to see who's in here. If they're carrying anything on their sides or pockets or anything,” says Turner.

But Turner says it has not always been that way.

“We close at nine, so when everyone else around here is closed, I’m the only one here, so it’s kind of scary thinking people are walking around with weapons,” says Turner.

Centerville Police Captain Billy Boney says they still are not sure what caused the fight.

“A number of people, but we don't know exactly how many people at this point. It was two groups of people that were fussing and one of their mommas got involved in the fray,” says Boney.

Now Turner says she wants to be prepared for anything that could happen.

“Gun, Taser, something along those lines. I’m not really a weapon kind of person, but with that so close and I walk down there all the time it’s definitely scary,” says Turner.

Boney says they are not releasing any names because they still have warrants pending.