A Macon business is working to repair some of the damage left behind after an early morning fire.

Just hours after a Monday morning fire at Big Boys Barbershop on Houston Avenue the community has already pitched in to help clean and board up the building.

"I got a phone call at like 4 o'clock this morning like hey man your barbershops on fire,” recalls barber James Parker.

He says he rushed to the shop on Houston Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Parker says they could recover only a few things.

"I found maybe a couple pairs of clippers and maybe a few items I was able to salvage but not much,” says Parker.

Captain Michael Rummel says it took fire crews about 20 minutes to put it out. Then they worked to put out spot fires.

"We got to the scene of the fire. We were able to knock it down. Everyone one did their part and expedited the time. Two fire engines, 2 arrow trucks, one rescue and a battalion chief for roughly about 15 to 16 personnel,” says Captain Michael Rummel.

As the business continues to pick up the pieces that were left behind including some pieces of the roof found on the ground the Macon Bibb Fire Department says they are just lucky it was not a total loss and that no one was inside the building at the time of the fire.

"The people love us over here. We're good genuine guys, we love the community and the community loves us,” says Parker.

He says they are a cornerstone of the community and they are happy to have people come out to help them back on their feet. Some of the barbers at the business say they'll be moving to a temporary building as the burned down one gets renovated