An overnight arson fire sent three Bibb County firefighters to the hospital.

Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says they responded to the home near Elm Street Lane and Calhoun Street Lane around midnight and battled the flames a few hours into Friday morning, until it was under control.

During that time, three firefighters were sent to the hospital after the roof collapsed and debris fell on top of them.

Riggins says Captain Dusty Cox, Nathanial Grady, and Enmariquez Hamilton were released from the hospital around 7:00 Friday morning.

Chief Marvin Riggins says the cause is arson

They suffered some injuries to their extremities and smoke inhalation, but Riggins says none of the firefighters broke any bones or sustained anything life threatening.

The home was vacant, so Riggins says they are treating the cause of the fire as arson.

He says they also responded to a fire at the same home about a month ago which he called “moderate” by comparison.

He says people told the Fire Department a homeless man was seen going in and out of the home regularly.