Some Central Georgia fire stations have been busy, but not with anything in their own areas. They have been working to help put out a fire in South Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

It has been going for more than a month now. Crisp County's Fire Chief says they got the call over the weekend.

"They called Sunday morning and said they were in dire need of help. They needed 45 two-man units, so we sent a pumper tanks down to the West Mims fire with two firefighters,” says Chief Jonathan Windham.

He says that pumper tanker, which helps transfer water, has been helpful in helping to put out the blaze.

"What my guys are doing or have been doing is nursing the forestry trucks. They have the 4-wheel drive units and they're putting out the spot fires,” says Chief Windham.

Over in Houston County, they got the call for help at the same time. Their crews have been working to keep the people and their homes there in West Mims safe.

"Our people were primarily responsible for doing structural protection for some of those communities, so they weren't necessarily on the frontlines, but they were there when the lines came up close to the residences and protected those,” explains Chief and Emergency Management Director Jimmy Williams.

Some of the Houston County fire crews back from West Mims say it was humbling to experience something like that.

"Even though they're the ones in need of help providing that help to the responders, feeding everyone and sheltering everyone for all the responders that is really amazing to be able to see community's come together like that,” says Corporal Christopher Stoner.

Now that West Mims community is not fighting alone. Crisp County says they will send crews to help with the Okefenokee Swamp fire for as long as they need it. Dooly State Prison's fire crew was also sent to help this week.