Snow came falling down in Telfair County, starting just after sunrise. EMA Director Lee Conner says Lumber City was one of the cities that received the most snow.

With snow falling at rapid speed, some Folks in Lumber City are preparing to stay inside. “No, I did not believe it was going to snow here in Lumber City,” said Elvira Moses. “I wasn't expecting it to be like this. I got to get my bread and milk,” said Mary Anne Woodard.

Others are venturing out to enjoy the winter day and time out of class. “Yes, ma'am, I sure do love snow. That was my Christmas wish, to let it snow,” said 12-year-old Maley Stone.

And while the snow is beautiful, Telfair Emergency Management Director Lee Conner says it can also be dangerous to drive in. “It's been about 7 years ago when we got one or two inches and it was a headache then,” said EMA Director Lee Conner.

Conner and his team stayed in the EMA agency overnight, mapping out their plan to keep the roads as clear as possible. “There's over 400 miles of roads here in Telfair County that the county maintains, and there's no way that we can salt or brine all of those roads.”

So the county and the Georgia Department of Transportation protect the overpasses and bridges first, and even though the roads are snow white and ice cold, folks are doing the best they can to be careful and enjoy the view.

Conner says there have been no reports of car wrecks, injuries, or anyone needing to be rescued.