Thursday, the GBI searched for the third day in a row for Tara Grinstead's remains on a pecan farm in Ben Hill County near the city of Fitzgerald.

Chelsea Beimfohr went to Fitzgerald Thursday afternoon to see what people have to say about the search.

It was your average Thursday afternoon in the small south Georgia town of Fitzgerald, but just a few miles down the road, dozens of GBI agents continued the search for Tara Grinstead's remains in a case the GBI says has the biggest file in their records.

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Lloyd Stembridge says the pecan farm of Bowen's Mill Highway is near his Fitzgerald home where he's lived for almost 30 years. He says when he heard the GBI was searching for Grinstead's remains in his city, he wasn't surprised.

"I figured that one of the surrounding counties would be where they would find the remains, and hopefully they will," said Stembridge.

But Jay Owens says he was surprised when he heard Grinstead's remains could be in Fitzgerald.

"We never really thought that this was going to come to this part. We thought it was over and done with," said Owens.

Stembridge has also lived in Fitzgerald for nearly 30 years.

"I was kind of shocked. There's so many rumors going around you really don't know what to think," Stembridge said.

But as time has passed, both Owens and Stembridge agree that no one in the Fitzgerald or Ocilla community has forgotten about Tara Grinstead.

"I'll be glad when they get to the bottom of this. I think everybody wants to know," Owens said.

"I just pray and hope there is closure for the family," Stembridge said.

Law enforcement and the GBI continue to be silenced by the gag order that a judge signed into action on Tuesday.