People will soon be able to fly to Washington D.C. from Macon at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

Taking off of the runway is something Joey Wozniak says he has to do one to two times a month for work.

“I have to purchase my flights around Atlanta traffic,” says Wozniak. He says he will leave from Macon early in the morning and drive over an hour. He says he also has to pay for parking. However, he says soon it will be a lot easier.

“So exciting. I immediately thought I was going to save a lot of money,” says Wozniak.

Starting in April, The Middle Georgia Regional Airport will start offering flights to Washington D.C..

“Accessing the airport here is so much easier. It’s 10 minutes compared to 75 minutes plus an hour and a half having to prepare for customs and everything,” says Wozniak.

The airport manager, Erik D'Leon, says the nation’s capital is the second most visited area for people in central Georgia.

“It is the number one market for the Robins Air Force Base travelers which is very important to us and one of the keys for why we chose this route,” says D’Leon. He says they will offer two returning and departing flights a day, 6 days a week starting as low as $49 one way.

“We want people to understand how easy it is for people to fly through the Middle Georgia Regional Airport other than some of these others,” says D’Leon.

“I’m excited for the amount of time it’s going to save me and the access it’s going to give me to D.C.,” says Wozniak.

The charter-flight company will get more than $4 million in federal subsidies to pay for the flights. They'll keep the subsidies only if they can average more than 10 passengers a day out of Macon.