Floyd Griffin has accomplished a lot over his lifetime.

The former state senator and former Milledgeville mayor was honored Monday as Georgia College unveiled its newest addition to their special collections exhibit -- a collection of documents and memorabilia from Griffin's career.

"What am I really going to do with all of this,” asked Griffin.

He’s referring to the documents that he and his wife saved from his political career.

"Newspaper articles, some of my speeches and all that, she kind of catalogued those things,” said Griffin.

Rather than letting those items gather dust at his house, Griffin is putting them toward what he calls a greater good.

He’s donating his political documents and professional memorabilia to Georgia College's Special Collections exhibit.

"We have papers and items starting from 1966 going to 2016,” said Griffin.

The university's digital archivist Holly Croft says they've been after Griffin's documents for years and they're excited to finally be able to showcase his work in the community.

"He was the first African-American mayor of Milledgeville, he was the first African-American to represent a majority white rural district in the state senate, and he was also the first African-American to run for Lieutenant Governor,” said Croft. “There are a lot of things that he's done in his life that are unique, nobody had done them before, so he's a pioneer of the community."

Griffin says he hopes his legacy can be a learning opportunity for younger generations.

Griffin's display is in the archives section and is available for research. Next summer, some of Griffin's archives will be permanently displayed in the Special Collections portion of the library.