A former Bibb County jail guard is accused of billing the sheriff's office for more than 400 hours when he was actually driving a Macon Transit bus.

Henry E. Poole, 51, was arrested Thursday night and booked into the jail where he used to work as a guard.

He was released on $10,000 bond about an hour later.

According to jail records, he is charged with theft by taking and violating his oath.

Lt. Randy Gonzalez said Poole has worked as a jail guard for about 15 years.

He also works as a Macon Transit Authority driver.

Between January 1 and August 31, according to an arrest warrant, Poole billed the sheriff's office for 435 hours when he was actually working for the transit authority.

"In a comparison of time records from the sheriff's office and the Macon Transit Authority, it became quite clear he was trying to be at two places at one time," Sheriff David Davis said.

That cost the county is about $7,830.15.

Davis says Poole had a lot of flexibility and little supervision with his role with the sheriff's office. He transported inmates between different facilities.

"He had a lot of latitude that he would not be here, so you would think he was out doing his transport duties but instead of transporting inmates he was transporting citizens on the Macon Transit Authority buses," Davis said.

The warrant says Poole admitted to investigators that he filed false payroll records.

Davis says that and any other misconduct wont be tolerated in the department.

"We will investigate it and we will take action," Davis said. "Sometimes some of these individuals know what they've done and know what's coming and they choose to resign."

He resigned September 28, while still under investigation, Gonzalez said.

David Golder, interim general manager, said Poole has been driving for several years and still works for the authority. He was not aware of Thursday's arrest.