A former Milledgeville inmate is now the official owner of a shelter dog he helped train while incarcerated.

Back in April, we reported on a program that allows inmates at Riverbend Correctional Facility to train dogs from the Baldwin County Animal Shelter in order to get them ready for adoption.

One of those trainers was Scott Duckett.

Debra Campbell, the organizer of the program, says Duckett had been behind bars for 20 years.

She says he was one of the very first inmates to be selected as a trainer.

Even though Duckett had worked with several dogs, he formed a special bond with one named Precious.

Little did he know, while he was helping get her ready for a forever home, he would be the one to eventually make Precious part of the family.

Once Duckett learned he was granted parole, he decided he was going to try to adopt Precious himself.

Last week, according to a post on Facebook by the Baldwin County Jail Dogs Program, Precious excitedly ran across the parking lot to greet her new person, who was now a free man.

Campbell says she is glad this program has provided a win-win situation for both the inmates and the dogs, and she is very glad to see positive stories like this as a result.

The group recently posted a photo of Precious sitting poolside at her new home.

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