It's really starting to feel like Christmas with the cold weather settling in.

Saturday, Meals on Wheels met up with 2016's Miss America Betty Cantrell to spread some holiday cheer for their Share the Love event.

During this event, Meals on Wheels went around town to the elderly and disabled in the community.

Cantrell helped the organization deliver a warm meal and a present to get people in the spirit of Christmas.

Cantrell says giving back especially during the holidays means the world to her. She added seeing people's reactions is priceless.

"I think during the Christmas time it's so important to give back because Christmas is a celebration and a lot of people don't have anybody to celebrate with and I think if I have 30 minutes during my day that I can be apart of giving back I think that's something I should definitely do," she says.

Meals on Wheels says they hope more people will volunteer during the holiday season to give back and help make people's day just a little brighter.