Former Bibb Superintendent Romain Dallemand apparently tried to raise money for schools in Haiti on fundraising websites.

A fundraising page called "School in Haiti" had a picture of Dallemand and his name as the organizer. The GoFundMe page had a goal of $5 million to build schools in Haiti, a country still recovering from an earthquake back in 2010.

Nobody donated to the effort, even though it was up online for three months.

On another fundraising website,, Dallemand posted a similar campaign with a fundraising goal of $22 million for schools in Haiti.

Two people have donated that campaign, including Dallemand himself. He contributed $50.

Dallemand is currently being sued by the Bibb County Board of Education after allegedly defrauding the system of more than $7 million.

Board member Lester Miller says he’s not sure if this would play a role in their case.

“Whether it's legitimate or not, you never know,” Miller said. “Not all scams are successful, so whether this is or not, I'm not trying to make an opinion on that. I just want to get the information out there so people are aware and they can check everything out for themselves.”

When we checked late Monday afternoon, the GoFundMe campaign page had been removed from the website. The campaign on is still active.