The Monroe County Sheriff's office says Garden Hill Baptist Church was burglarized Saturday.

Members of the church say this is the second time a burglary has happened at the church in one week.

Paula McMullan, the pastor’s wife, says she walked in Sunday morning and found the church flooded with an inch of standing water. It was a sight she describes as devastating.

“In some places in the hallway, the water was an inch deep,” said McMullan.

Instead of a church full of people coming to worship, she says she found several items missing for the second time this week.

“[I] found they had broken back into the church and stolen the water heater and left the water running, so pretty much the entire church is flooded,” said McMullan.

She says burglars first hit on Wednesday night too.

In addition to the water heater, she says the burglars took parts of the church's sound system were taken.

One member of the church, Jim Motes, says this loss will costs thousands of dollars to fix and replace.

“[I] just hope the person who did this gets caught, and I hope that they have a bad conscience and God will take care of them,” said Motes.

He says he is working to help clean up the church, but it is upsetting to know that someone in the area would do this.

“It’s God's house. I mean people breaking into churches is wrong,” said Motes.

McMullan says she just wants to know why. She says the church is constantly giving money to those who are in need in the area.

“If these people were in need...if they had come and asked, we would’ve given them money,” said McMullan.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says they do not have any suspects in this case.

They're asking anyone with any information to call their investigation line at 478-994-7043.