The Forsyth City Council plans to build a new city hall and renovate the current building.

Forsyth's City Hall is almost 100 years old, and Councilman Melvin Lawrence says a new city hall is long overdue.

"We can get by we can wait for a while. We can get by, but it's time to make a change," Lawrence says.

So they are taking action. Mayor Eric Wilson says City Hall will move off Forsyth's square to a new building in a parking lot next to the city's fire department and police station.

"We think that will be a positive so we can attract a business to the location where city hall currently is and has been for years, and it will also give us the opportunity to design an efficient building," Wilson says.

He says they plan to add new features including more office space and a drive-through window for utility payments.

Wilson says moving city hall closer to other government buildings will make it more convenient, and improve parking downtown.

"It gets a parking headache off the square and it allows for more parking spaces for the private businesses that are on the square, so we hope that will help our retail and our shops," he says.

Forsyth officials plan to sell or lease the current city hall and hope that a new business will move in.

Wilson says they plan to fix up the current city hall while the new one is being built.

"We're going to move my office and the city managers office and our executive assistant to the Welcome Center and we're going to move other city operations over to the current police department building," he says.

Wilson says once the design is approved, they expect work to last about 18 months.

Mayor Wilson says the estimated cost of a new city hall is around $1.5 to 2 million.

He says city offices will move to temporary locations within a few weeks.