While driving to the city limit of Forsyth, one might notice two signs welcoming them, but for Mayor Eric Wilson and city officials, they said they wanted to make evacuees feel like they're right at home.

“We wanted to do something to make sure that they're welcome in Forsyth while they're here. We understand that they're displaced that they've rather be at home, said Wilson. “So, we came up with the idea yesterday morning around 9:00. By 12:30 p.m., we were here at the station stuffing bags.”

City leaders loaded up their truck and handed out 1,200 goodie bag at hotels in town.

They gave one to Martin Toder, who drove from St. Augustine to Forsyth.

It was an unfamiliar city to him until he fished through the contents of his welcome bag.

“I've got a map of the area, which is very helpful. You need to know how to get around,” said Toder.

Along with a map, there's cookies, water, and a list of restaurants.

General Manager at La Quinta Inns & Suite, Thalia Kurdt says it's southern hospitality at its best.

“I've worked in hotels for 12 years and I've never worked in a city where the mayor or the Chamber of Commerce made a delivery of all of the bags for all of the people fleeing the hurricane. It's really nice,” said Kurdt.

For the people searching for safety after hours of travel and traffic, it’s comforting to know people care.

“Yes, yes, it gives me a very good feeling,” said Kurdt, one that makes them feel at least a little bit at home.