A new restaurant has opened on the square in Forsyth called The Pickled Okra. The restaurant hopes to feed the whole family. Yes, even your four-legged kids.

Nicole Butler spoke with the owner about how he's giving back to man's best friend and why he believes it's PAWsitively the best!

Gregg Goolsby, the owner of The Pickled Okra, says he's constantly listening to the community to help improve his restaurant.

So when he heard they wanted a bar to watch the big game at, he didn't hesitate.

But Goolsby didn't stop there, he got an idea when one customer starting bringing his furry friend, Wendy Sue.

"So when they come and sit outside and eat lunch, Wendy Sue gets out and eats lunch as well," he says.

He says in this dog-eat-lunch world, every dog is having its day. Even his Basset Hound Baxter is head over heels.

"Oh, he loves it. You know, a Basset Hound loves to smell stuff so he comes up here and he just smells so much food and it just drives him crazy," Goolsby laughs.

Seeing more people bringing their pets, he had a PAWsitively great idea. He decided to create the "Four-legged kids" menu.

"They have a way to come here and spend time with their parents when their parents go out to eat," Goolsby says, making the restaurant more efficient by using the ends of the meat that can't be sliced for sandwiches, wasting nothing.

"The good thing about cooking for dogs is they don't really care what it looks like," he says.

But this doesn't stop them from having a tail-wagging good time.

Goolsby says even Baxter gave him some inspiration.

"Dogs are just so loving. They give, give, give, unlike humans who don't give all the time," he says.

So proceeds from every item off the four-legged menu is given to Save a Pet Foundation.

He says he wants to give back to the animals that give so much to us.

Goolsby has raised almost $200 for Save a Pet Foundations in just the few months the restaurant's been open.

He encourages everyone to come out and enjoy a meal with your furry best friend, or even come out on Saturdays and enjoy live music you can both howl along to.