It is that time of year again for the Forsythia Festival, but this year they are adding a flavorful twist with their first annual Food Truck Festival.

It is all for the 30th anniversary of the festival. The owners of Rio's Italian Ice say their Italian ice recipe is unique.

"It's something I love to do. I really care about what I make, so we put that extra effort into our product. They'll taste the passionfruit, and it's made with actual passionfruit. I really appreciate it because it's what I do,” says owner Destry Carrasquillo.

A Cajun food truck just across the way, The Tempted Palate, was just one of four trucks at the festival. They say food trucks are gaining in popularity.

"Right now in Atlanta, Georgia the foods trucks are coming up. I grew up in California and food trucks are popular out there, but now it's starting to be a big thing here in Georgia,” says owner Henri Kimbro.

After owning a standing story years ago, he says food trucks are the way to go.

"You get to go where the people are at. Unlike a restaurant you have to wait for the people to come to you. Food trucks, we set up in areas where there's a lot of people, so that's what we like to do,” says Kimbro.

Those at Rio’s Italian Ice truck agree that food trucks have a way of bringing people together and are a lot more convenient than a standing restaurant.

"When we have the trucks, we can actually go out to where the people are. We can go to the people instead of waiting in a brick-and-mortar for the people to come to us,” says Carrasquillo.

It is a festival that is about more than just food. It is about coming together with a dash of community and a scoop of fun.

The Forsythia Festival is also this weekend. It starts Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.