With kids out of school for the summer, Forsyth's KOA camp ground is opening up two new attractions.

People will get the opportunity to play some putt-putt and even mine for some gems!

5-year-old Aaron Bass and his siblings, Ayden and Arianna's first time gem mining and they were rocking it!

"I got a piece of gold," Bass exclaims.

From $25 all the way to just $8, the KOA says when you buy a bag, you are guaranteed to find some treasure.

"A diamond! This is going in my rock collection," Bass shouts.

So how does gem mining work? First, you're going to get your bag and you're going to dump it into the sifter. Next, you're going to take the sifter and put it in the water. The dirt will wash away, but the gems will stay.

Bass says he already can't wait to come back tomorrow for more, and his grandmother, Lorna Ellis was pretty excited as well.

"This was awesome! Everyone got to come and do it. They got to find rocks and gold and shark's teeth," Ellis says.

But Ellis says there's another thing that her grandkids are excited to try out.

"They've been wanting to do putt-putt for years, so tomorrow we are going to spend from 3 in the afternoon until they close it up," she says.

And KOA employee Jewell Peeples says fun activities like that "drive" out the kid in us.

"I think we are all children at heart. If we quit being children at heart, we get old," Peeples laughs.

She says that she hopes these attractions are a hole-in-one so more people swing by Forsyth to see all it has to offer.

The Forsyth KOA is having their grand opening for both attractions tomorrow at 3 p.m.