It's heating up in Central Georgia with summer in full swing.

The city of Forsyth had planned on opening up a splash pad for families to enjoy and help cool off.

It was supposed to be up and running by the end of May, but it still isn't complete.

Nicole Butler went to Forsyth to find out what's holding it up.

Brian Moore is the father of seven children. Always looking for a way to keep everyone entertained, he often brings them to the skate park.

But looking down from the park is a reminder of the Splash Pad that all of his kids have been waiting on.

"They've asked for a while when we told them it would be here at the beginning of June, and here we are halfway through the summer," Moore says.

So when I asked his kids how they felt, "I wish the splash pad was already here and I wish it opened three days ago," says 7-year-old Asher.

"I'm a little bit sad it's not here," says 4-year-old Titus.

They just want a place to cool off.

"Well, I was really hoping it would be over before the summer ends so that we wouldn't have to be out here playing in the heat," 13-year-old Jacob, cooling off in the park fountain instead.

"We are really looking forward to it coming if it ever gets here. It'd be nice if it was more than just dirt," Moore says.

Above is what the Splash Pad should look like, instead the picture below is in its place.

Forsyth's Mayor Eric Wilson says the contractor has done more work than what the public can see -- all of the underground work like the piping has been completed, but now the work has stalled.

Wilson says the contractor has hit obstacles that include a change in state health regulations that requires additional filtration, and the equipment is sitting at the port of Savannah waiting to cleared customs.

"Hopefully if the equipment is picked up today as he told us Monday night that it would be, then progress will be pretty visible over the next week or so, and hopefully over the next few weeks, they can have it completed," Mayor Wilson says.

Mayor Wilson says the funding for this project has come from city property taxes totaling about $207,000.