A family in Fort Valley who has been in the pecan business for decades is now venturing out to the world of coffee.

The Cleveland Pecan farm has been in the family for 50 years and back in 2009, they started to produce organic pecans.

They are still growing and selling pecans, but this time at their coffee shop called Cleveland Organics.

The owner, Beth Cleveland, says two of her friends got her started making coffee and now it’s a full-time business with a side of their family staple.

"We're one of the only organic pecan farms in the country, so we don't have a hard time selling our pecans wholesale. We sell a lot of pecans that are like chocolate or twisted or sugar and spice or salted. We sell those at Christmas and do a lot of gift baskets and that kind of thing,” said Cleveland.

The coffee shop also sells coffee from 30 different growing regions like Mexico, Ethiopia and India.

Cleveland says it is what turns a normal cup of joe into an exotic cup of coffee.

"People just enjoy the idea of looking for different flavors in the coffee and the different roast and the different ways of making the coffee. People are not just necessarily doing a pot of coffee anymore in their automatic drip machine,” said Cleveland.

She says these days; people are interested to know where exactly their coffee is coming from.

"People want something that's special. When they pay X amount of dollars for a coffee drink, they want something that's unique. I think the idea of craft made coffee makes them enjoy it more and a lot of people are more aware of what they're drinking,” said Cleveland.

Cleveland says organic chemistry classes from Mercer University have also visited the shop to see the chemical reaction that happens when roasting coffee beans.