Fort Valley State University has received an accreditation warning after a review from a college association.

"This school is like the heartbeat of this town. Take Fort Valley State away then what is Fort Valley?” says senior Fort Valley State student Blake Houston.

The school received the warning after a review from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of Colleges. Based on the statement from the association, the university did not fulfill Core Requirements. That included things like programs that support student learning, financial stability, control over their finances, facilities that serve the university, and financial aid.

But university leaders there say the review was based on a few years ago and their new president has already helped to sort some of those concerns out.

"Address some areas that could use enhancement, but he has also implemented a sweeping set of new initiatives to continue to improve what we're doing, so what we're really do is looking forward,” explains Director of Communications Cedric Mobley.

Some students say right now they are concerned.

"I've heard stuff like this in the past about it, but I've never seen anything actually come to pass, but I do know that everything they're talking about is definitely valid,” says Houston.

Other students are saying if the school lost its accreditation, they would have to transfer.

"That's a big threat because you've got it in the back of your head. You may not have a school to go to after the summer of next year,” says sophomore student Xzavia James.

A possibility that most students say they hope will not happen.

"I hope everything works itself out. I hope there really is change this time so many more generations can graduate,” says Houston.

It is the comeback many students say they are hoping for for the university. The board will review Fort Valley State's accreditation status in June of 2018.