As everyone prepares for Hurricane Irma, many people are wondering what to do with their animals but not just your dogs and cats.

The Safe Center at Fort Valley State University always has horses and pigs, but they are getting ready to take in more than a hundred wild animals from a zoo out of Chatham County looking to get out of the hurricane's path.

"They're going to relocated like they did for Hurricane Matthew here. So we'll have wolves and bald eagles and perhaps bobcats again. And little baby owls and last time we had day old sea turtles,” says the Department Head of Veterinary Science and Public Health George McCommon.

He says there are a few things to remember if you are traveling with your pets.

"Number one thing is be prepared, have your paperwork handy. It's also best if it's a small pet put it in your arms so there's a picture of you with it so you can prove this is your animal,” explains McCommon.

He says it is better to be safe than sorry and prepare ahead of time.

"Make plans when you're making plans for your family. Pets are people too so make sure you include the pets with your plans,” says McCommon.

The city of Fort Valley has decided to pitch in as well and offer up their Festival Park to evacuees.

"We decided to make this available to people who might have motor homes who would want to come through. We normally rent this park for a fee but we're waving the fees,” says Fort Valley Mayor Barbara Williams.

She says they have 42 water and electricity hook ups for people looking to stay there to get away from the hurricane.

"We welcome them to keep from having to go all the way to Atlanta. We just want to show that here in Central Georgia we can accommodate our neighbors also,” says Williams.

The Wildlife Center is expected to be driving Thursday and Friday with school buses full of animals to bring to the Safe Center in Fort Valley. They are also taking up to 70 horses to be stored in the stables there.