A Macon gun range owner is outraged after his business has been hit multiple times by teenagers trying to steal his weapons.

Guns at a shooting range are a necessity, but apparently are also a hot commodity among thieves, too. Owner of the range, Hamp Dowling, says his store has been open for 21 years and it has been broken into 4 times.

"In this business you say, 'OK, we've done these bars, we've done this special glass, these special this, we've reinforced here and there, made everything as strong as you can. What's next?” says Hamp Dowling.

The most recent burglary happened Thursday. This surveillance video shows the teens scoping out the place on Wednesday.

Then they returned the next day and damaged the back door. They used a crowbar to try to bust it open, but Dowling says even if they get in, they are not getting anything.

"We put everything away every night because every gun goes into a big huge safe every night,” says Dowling.

Those teens were arrested by an investigator who said he recognized the kids who ranged from ages 12 to 14 years old. Dowling says he thinks this is a part of a bigger problem with young people in the west Macon neighborhood.

"These kids are in gangs and they're led by older people. They send the kids out to do their crime because they're juveniles and they know when they go to juvie court, they'll go back to mama's recognizance. No mama ain't around. What was she doing at 4:30 in the morning while her kids out trying to break into the gun store?” says Dowling.

He has a warning for those who try to break into his shop again.

"Don't try me again because we might be here next time. If I was here you'd be staying here for a while,” says Dowling.

He says over the years they have spent thousands of dollars repairing store after burglaries here.