Three Macon Bibb recreation centers will offer free GED courses in January.

It's a 59-day accelerated course that will help people between the ages of 18 and 24 obtain a higher education.

Gabrielle Dawkins sat down with a student who went through the program and shares insight on how you can sign up.

"I was literally months away from graduating, and I winded up leaving," said Roberson.

Jonas Roberson says that after an incident that caused him to no longer play sports at Norcross High School, he dropped out of school.

"I didn't know if school was really my thing anymore -- playing sports your whole life, you really think that it's the only thing that's out there," says Roberson.

After years of taking a break from school, he decided to give education another shot. In January, he signed up for a free GED Course at Paxen Learning Services.

"You have to want to do this -- you can't be in here goofing off, you have to take this serious. The program is meant to help you," says Roberson."They do everything they can to help you."

Paxen Learning Services Program Manager Marcus Windhom says so far, they have helped 250 students obtain a GED. Some apply to college, others go into the military, and others go off to college.

"The reason being is that a lot of them come broken, a lot of them come discouraged, a lot of them come really feeling like, 'This is it,'" said Windhom. "My thing is getting them back to dreaming."

The program is accepting 36 applicants. GED courses will start in January at Rosa Jackson Center, Memorial Gym and the Frank Johnson Recreational Center. Windhom says he doesn't want life's obstacles to stop others from getting to the next step.

"We will give you a bus pass to get here and to get to work. Childcare -- we have a lot of single parents, male and female -- and we assist with daycare," says Windhom.

Roberson says this program gave him a second chance at life.

"I don't think I would have gotten my GED without this program, honestly," says Roberson.

Roberson finished the program in a month and says he's not done with education yet.

"I want to be a kinesiologist. I'm trying to go to school for medical science," says Roberson. "Being able to go to college is giving me an opportunity to better myself in order to be better for everyone else around me."

He is planning on attending Fort Valley State University this January.

Not only is the GED course free, but if you complete the program, you receive $200.

For those planning on going to college, the program pays for ACT and SAT tests, college applications, and more.

To sign up for this program, call 478-254-8272.