The GBI is still investigating the deputy-involved shooting that happened on Colquitt Street on Friday afternoon.

Larry Matthews was shot and killed, according to Bibb County coroner Leon Jones.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says he was killed after a physical altercation with Deputy Greg Ussery.

Ronnie Hightower does not live on Colquitt Street, but heard about the shooting.

“So as I started driving around they said that a man had got killed, but I didn't know who it was. And so what I did, my wife and I, we went over to the church and parked and a friend that I know, we're pretty cool, told me it was Larry that got killed, so,” explained Hightower.

WMAZ went to the neighborhood where the shooting took place to ask neighbors what they saw and heard on Friday afternoon. Some of them said they were not home, others declined to speak.

Hightower says Matthews was normally at his house three or four times a week. He explained that he knew Matthews well, but the shooting did not shock him.

“When I heard that he got into the altercation with an officer, I wasn't surprised. Because that's the type of attitude that he had,” said Hightower.

Hightower also says that based on what's heard, Matthews was at fault.

“He was wrong; you know what I mean? And whatever the officer had to do to save his life, I would have done the same thing,” stated Hightower.

But, that does not mean Hightower didn't feel sad about what happened.

"Just sorry it went down like that,” said Hightower.

The GBI says the investigation will continue for at least a few weeks. They still have to interview the first responders, according to agent J.T. Ricketson.

Ricketson also said they have recorded video that was apparently shared to Facebook using live streaming during the incident.

The GBI is asking anyone who saw the shooting, but has not been interviewed to come forward. The number to call is (478) 987-4545.