Dakota White, 17, and Brandon Warren, 18, were charged with murder in the case of Samuel Poss in Perry.

13WMAZ went to White’s home on Tucker Road in Perry, the same home police say Poss was killed.

An older couple arrived was at the home but declined comment. Other people in the neighborhood did not answer the door or said they did not know White.

In Brandon Warren’s neighborhood on Brookwood Trail, people said they were shocked.

“I couldn't believe it. He is one of those soft-spoken people, like you don't know who you're really around in life. And it just kind of caught me off guard. It just was kind of like, 'Wait, what? I just saw him a few days ago,'” Jessica Klein said.

Jessica Klein and her family have known the Warrens for about 5 years. Her mother calls Brandon a regular neighborhood kid.

“If Brandon were to ever do anything against what his parents raised him, it was because he was too nice. He wasn't too nice, but his over-generosity was probably used against him to persuade him, 'Hey, help me out,'” said April Croskey.

Matthew Whitlock, who called himself a family friend, says he last saw Warren on Monday.

“Normal, nothing was changing. And he came by to say 'Hey, how you doing?' and everything, and was smiling,” Whitlock said.

Warren's neighbors told us they had not heard him talk about the victim, Sam Poss, or the other suspect, Dakota White. They also had not seen those two around the neighborhood.