People in the small Washington County town of Deepstep are grieving after a deadly accident this weekend. Washington County High School English teacher, John Lamon and his wife Theresa, were killed in a wreck Friday night.

A closed sign hung on the front door of the Lamon Deepstep Merchantile Monday. It read, 'will return at 6,' but now customers don't know when or if the store will re-open.

The owners, John and Theresa Lamon, died Friday night after their motorcycle hit a deer. The couple was then hit by an oncoming car on Linton Road.

"They actually opened up in July and, of course, we had been without a store for several years, so everybody in the community was glad to have a store back in the community," neighbor William Hutchings said.

William Hutchings lived across the street from the store. He says the people of Deepstep loved Theresa's baking.

"She was very good and very creative in her baked goods that she served every day, fresh right out of her kitchen," Hutchings said.

Theresa was also a former deputy at the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Howard Sills says she left in July when she and her husband opened their store.

Hutchings says Theresa was at the store from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, while John taught at Washington County High School.

"I've seen a lot of his students have posted on Facebook about just how much he enriched their lives, how encouraging he was, how he was just really an all around great teacher," friend Meredith Taylor said. "He really believed in his kids."

It's the couples dedication to the community that Taylor says is what people will remember most.

"They both have worked so hard here to enrich the community as a teacher and opening the store in Deepstep, and just really wanted to be a part of Washington County," Taylor said.

There will be a joint funeral for John and Theresa at First United Methodist Church in Milledgeville on Saturday.