The two people killed in Bonaire on Highway 96 were honored by their friends Tuesday.

Our Jobie Peeples spoke to them as well as a neighbor who says the speeding on Highway 96 needs to stop.

“She had tons of friends, we all love her to death,” said Marie Greer.

Love her to death they did. Friends of Amanda Parker woke up to the devastating news Tuesday morning.

The 25-year-old was a passenger in 31-year-old William Countryman’s car on Monday when it was hit by a semi-truck.

Friends spent their day hammering a cross into the ground to remember them.

"To memorialize her and have everyone come together and celebrate her. That and just to let everyone know someone that was very loved passed away here,” said Greer.

Tyia Clay lives in the Hampton Meadows subdivision and says she sees people speeding down Highway 96 often.

"It's really bad trying to get out of here. It's kind of dangerous,” said Clay.

"The speed limit here is supposed to be 45 mph, but I think they do about 65 mph. The police used to sit out there, but they don't sit out there anymore so I guess everyone got used to that now."

Clay pleads for the Houston County Sheriff's Office to keep a closer eye on the busy highway in hopes that nothing like this ever happens there again.

"Can they please do something about it because this is a good little neighborhood, they're starting to build these houses and everything. We don't need the speeding going on. Somebody needs to do something about this speeding,” said Clay.

Lieutenant Clay Chambers with the Houston County Sheriff's Office says the truck driver... Tyler Sapp... was not injured.

Chambers would not comment on whether speed was a factor in the accident. Houston County's Traffic Division is still investigating.