After Houston County grad Jake Fromm led the UGA Bulldogs to a big win against Notre Dame, a local store decided it wanted to do something to honor him.

Every day, some customers walk through the doors of The Butcher Shop in Warner Robins for one thing -- the Fromm Burger, as in Jake Fromm, as in the hometown hero who has helped lead the Georgia Bulldogs, thus far, to an undefeated season.

"When we beat Notre Dame, I talked with Lee Fromm and said, 'Hey, we love your son. We want to tell him thanks, we think naming a burger after him would be a lot of fun,'" says Amy Dean, owner of The Butcher Shop.

And the Fromm Burger was born, complete with all of Jake's favorite toppings. It's a half-pound burger, with a whole lot of flavor.

  • Ground beef

  • Swiss cheese

  • Mushrooms

  • Bacon

"We've had some requests to ship to California and Chicago," says Dean. "We probably sold 600 or 700 hamburgers in 3 days," says Dean on the Georgia vs. Florida game. "I mean, we were constantly just patty-ing out burgers. I mean, that's all we did."

Customers like Melvin Fussell say they're happy to do anything to support their hometown dawg!

"We're just excited for this guy, really. I want him to do well, reach for the sky, do it," says Fussell.

And although the "steaks" are high, everyone at The Butcher Shop hopes Fromm can "keep on chopping."

Monday through Wednesday, The Butcher Shop changes the price of the burgers to reflect the score of the previous UGA game.

For example, when Georgia beat Florida 42 to 7, the burgers were 4 bucks and 27 cents per pound.