We've seen Fromm get it done in game after game this year at UGA, but for Phillip Johnson that's been no surprise.

He says Jake Fromm's stood out from the pack since before he even started little league.

The field's empty now, but when Johnson looks out over it he sees memories of a little league team headed for Williamsport.

And one special player on it.

"Jake's dad and I coached together," says Johnson.

At just ten years old, he was already a dominant athlete.

"He was an excellent pitcher and of course he could hit really really well," says Johnson.

He used those skills to lead his team to the Little League World Series in 2011 where he got his first taste of the spotlight.

"Jake was a little mini movie star and you had girls following us to the batting cages...and girls wre giving him [their] phone number," says Johnson.

Fromm took it in stride and his legendary sportsmanship was already shining.

"We had a kid that wanted to pitch real bad and Jake was on the mound and we got a pretty big lead and Jake struck...two people out," says Johnson. "We only had one out to go and he turned around and threw the ball to the kid and without coming to me he just went ahead and made the change."

From almost the beginning, Johnson knew Jake was something special.

"I think what really sets him apart--and I may be wrong about this--but he handles stress different than any other kid I've coached," says Johnson.

It's taken him all the way to the national championship and left an example for those who might come next.

When asked if he thought he could do what Jake did on the diamond, current little leaguer Brock Johnson said "I wish!"

His friend Max Willhide was more optimistic.

"Just keep working hard," he said. "You can do it!"

Hard work--it's been Fromm's recipe for success his whole life. It's taken him to the biggest stage in college football and on Monday night, we'll see if the true freshman can lead his dogs to their first title since 1980.

If his time on the diamond is any indication, he'll be ready to deliver.