As the Dawgs prepare to take on Alabama tonight, it's no secret that Jake Fromm's clutch performances have made him a household name across the country.

But for many in Central Georgia, it's his faith in pressure-filled moments that have made Jake stand out from the crowd.

It's safe to say Fromm is a fan favorite. He's led the Dawgs on a historic run through the season all the way to the game of a lifetime with grit and faith.

It's that faith that has the congregation at Southside Baptist Church lifting Jake up.

“Jake is an awesome young man and he's doing a fine job representing himself and our community and church,” said Trent Carriker.

Pastor Jerry Walls has been Jake's spiritual mentor for years – even though he's an Alabama fan.

And when it comes to the title game… Fromm, as an athlete, has Walls conflicted.

“I'm in a dilemma,” said Walls. “I hope Jake throws for six touchdowns, 350 yards, but there's a little something in me that wants him to lose by one.”

But as far as Jake – the person – goes…

“I mean he just has this amazing 'it factor' and even that spiritual 'it factor.' I tell people it's kind of like the hand of God,” said Walls.

For Georgia fans and Alabama supporters, tonight will be a momentous blink-and-you-miss-it event.

Perhaps it's fitting that Sunday's sermon was centered on moments you'll never forget.

Walls says sometimes he sends Jake scripture before big games. On Sunday, he texted him a verse from Psalms that read in part:

'The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.'