Every now and then, you may run into something in the culinary world that may make you scratch your head.

M&M Fruit and Vegetable stand owner Jean Selph admits there is something perched up on the shelves that may cause some confusion.

"I don't think I would want it," she admitted.

Sabrina Howell stopped in perplexed about Wickles pickles, and she left with a lesson on jam.

"FROG Jam, I don't know what that one is either," she said. "I do like frog legs, though, but I don't think I would want it on my toast or anything like that."

And don't even get her started on the TOE Jam that sits right alongside the reptile stuff on the shelf for six bucks.

"TOE Jam? Hmmmmm," she said hesitantly.

Elsie Anderson Johnson's stepdad is the original owner of the place and she says she can't shake the memories TOE Jam conjures up.

"Yeah, I eat it on toast, but when you grow up, you hear toe jam, you think of yucky stuff between your toes," she said scrunching up her face.

Just in case you officially want to know what's in both the concoctions, we will start with the frogs.

"It is fig, raspberry, orange, and ginger and it's a mixture of each fruit, and they use a mixture of the first letter of each fruit," Jean explained. "The TOE Jam that sounded a little more like I would eat because I would eat orange and I would eat elderberry, so I would eat that."

Jean Selph told us they get the jams from two companies -- one of them is the Amish and the other comes out of Tiger, Georgia.

Just for the record, Suzanne didn't care for either one, but other folks in the newsroom seemed to like the FROG Jam.