There's less than a week left to enjoy the Georgia National Fair, but crowds keep pouring in to Perry.

It seems the audience is loving every second of the fun fair acts and food. Tammy Harris-Barton is one of the fair acts. She’s a world-renowned hypnotist.

"The funniest movie you've ever seen will be on that screen when I reach number three. Here we go... One, two, and three. Sitting up in your chairs, ladies and gentlemen, and opening up your eyes. Funny movies on you guys, funny movies on,” explained Barton to her volunteers.

When you see her mind-controlling talents in action, you know it is real. But Barton says the key is to have a willing participant. She says it is what comes after that is her favorite part.

"I love the reaction on their face when it's all said and done, because most people don't remember it. So when you see their friends and family come up and say, 'Oh, my god, you did an amazing job up there.' Their look is like, 'What are you talking about?,'” says Barton.

The high flying act I-Fly next door is just as entertaining. The show did not fail to deliver with everything from wall trampolines, trapeze artists, to flips, tricks, and more.

But the group all the way from Montreal says it takes years of practice.

"You need to become a very good acrobat. All the basics. Either trampoline, gymnastics, diving. You need to master one of those sports,” says owner of I-Fly, Yves Milord.

While many of us probably will not become an addition to the show we do enjoy watching it. But time is running out to experience all that the Georgia National Fair has to offer.

The Georgia National Fair in Perry lasts until the 16th. You can find the show times on their website.