ATLANTA – A family is frantic to find a man who vanished after being involved in a car crash last Thursday.

Michael Allen Sr., 65, was a passenger in a car crash Thursday in Newton County, Ga., on Hwy. 212. According to the Georgia State Patrol report, the driver of the car--a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV--was 33-year-old Christopher Phillips, of Covington, Ga., an acquaintance of Allen and his family, who fled on foot from the wreck, leaving Allen behind. The GSP says Phillips was driving under a suspended license.

According to the report, just before 7 a.m., Phillips "drove too fast for conditions" when he ran off the road, striking several mailboxes and then a tree. After colliding with the tree, the GSP said, the SUV rotated and rolled over, but eventually landed top-side up.

Allen was taken by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta by Newton County EMS with non-fatal injuries, the report stated.

At the time of the crash, officers reported him as being under the influence of medications/drugs/alcohol, but did not specify what he had ingested.

Mike Allen's son, Robert Allen, said his father is on several prescription medications.

Mike's older brother, George Allen, said Mike called him after the accident, telling George he thought he'd broken his leg and an ambulance was about to take him to Atlanta Medical Center. Mike asked George to come to the scene--about 11 miles from their home--to take Mike's dog, Tigger, since she couldn't ride in the ambulance with him.

The family says once Mike arrived at the hospital he decided to leave, and somehow walked out despite his leg injury; they worry he might also have had a head injury.

Allen has been known, by his family, to become confused from time to time, and wander off on his own looking for his wife, who died five years ago.

“I love my daddy more than anything else,” said Robbie, saying that even when his father has his moments of confusion, he always calls home to say he's OK. Except this time.

"I talk to my father every day. Every day since my mama passed away, even before then. He has a big thing about, you know--you tell the ones you love you love 'em before the end of the day, because you're not promised the next."

Robbie and George said Tigger has been inconsolable. She's never before been away from Mike this long.

Mike's niece, Teresa Fowler reported him missing to the Atlanta Police Department on Friday.

After calling numerous hospitals, she told the APD that Atlanta Medical Center told her he "checked out" Friday at 9:30 a.m., refusing medical treatment--although, according to Fowler he sustained a broken right leg and a head injury.

Fowler told police that her uncle did not have any mental or medical health concerns, nor drug issues.

The Covington, Ga., man does not have a car, and they don't believe he had his wallet, cash or credit cards, or his cell phone with him, according to Robert's wife, Dennise Collum.


Mike has long gray hair, a long white beard and mustache, a blue eye and is missing his left eye. He is 6'0 tall and 170 lbs. He was last seen wearing red shorts and a red shirt.

“We are very worried. We cannot get any help. We need to find him,” Collum said.

“I’m scared," George said. "I am scared to death they’re gonna find my baby brother somewhere” injured, or worse. George fought back tears. "I don't want to be here without him, I'll be honest with ya."

The family hopes that anyone who sees Mike will call 911.