All systems were a go at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry Friday afternoon. There were little concerns about the weather impacting the fair as Hurricane Matthew batters the southeast Coast.

Lightning and wind are the biggest concerns for ride operators, fair officials said.

Every ride is open and operating.

Ride operators and fair officials say they will continue to monitor weather in regards to Matthew.

It was a little damp and clouds were swirling, but that didn't stop the fun at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry on Friday afternoon.

Consistent wind at or over 30 mph is an instant shutdown on the higher and bigger rides, said one of the ride supervisors. Many of the newer rides have their own wind monitoring and will shut down on their own at manufacturer-set limits, he said.

Third party state inspectors approve all the rides when they first get set up at the fairgrounds.

Every single day ride operators go through a safety check at their individual ride assignment as well.